Heart Of Darkness

Heart of Darkness is a photography exhibition by Christian Tundula, Congolese / Belgian artist. The artist reconstructed series of photography images by digitally editing them or manually cutting and patching them together like a collage in order to capture his own phantom, which is the manifestation of his own journey through his dreams, memories, and experiences. For the artist, his works are therefore the autographical journey to delve under the flesh into the abyss of personal psychic space, heart of darkness, in where the phantom strays between abstraction and reality. Furthermore, the journey is also to
In other words, for the artist, the phantom is his ceased brother, who decided to work as smuggler on the ship, fell in the mighty powerful Congo river, and was drawn and dead. As young kid, the Artist was called to identify the corpse which floated after two weeks being strayed in the bottom of muddy Congo river. But for the artist, this is not about nightmare, it is the constant reminder of ones choice, what life you are determined to take despite the situation you are born into.
Therefore, his works are also about redemption, constant reminder of Phantom live in all of us and through this phantom, the artist is. It is how you face your own phantom because this phantom can put you in the cells located in heart of darkness or show you the way to take the control of your own life as the artist himself did so.