Collin Sekajugo

Sekajugo is a self taught Ugandan/Rwandan artist born in Masaka. In 2007 following his artistic study tours around the world, he returned to Rwanda with a mission to “use art to change life”. He is the director and founder of Ivuka Arts Kigali, the first contemporary arts center in Rwanda.
In 2011 Sekajugo founded Weaver Bird Community for the Arts in Uganda whose objective was to bridge the gap between the arts and community. Under Weaver Bird Arts Foundation, he has involved various artists from the region to engage in artistic activities and programs that have transformed the town of Masaka in mid-western Uganda. Today the project hosts a Sculpture Park (Camp Ndegeya) with camping facilities available to both artists and non artists and regular tourists.
For the last 10 years his work has been a reflection of social conscience, focusing on the link between art and community with the desire for social transformation in Africa. Using found materials, painting, installations and performance, he inspires perception and attitude of resilience amidst social strife. His artwork is permanently displayed at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington D.C. (USA) and in other private and corporate collections in the USA, Europe, Japan, South Africa and across East Africa.